Team RCG brings together years of construction, real estate and project management experience. Our combined skills produce strategic execution which deliver profitable results. Our solid, growing team partners with a limited number of private investors with similar investment goals. Eric’s leadership and extensive background in construction management and his focus on location and time management, partnered with his network of contractors and subcontractors, and proven experience assessing and limiting financial risks, promotes profitable investments.

Eric Rennell, Principal

Eric is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, holding Bachelor’s in Construction Management. He is an experienced Construction & Real Estate professional with over 25+ years experience. He leads the team, balances all risk/reward strategies, and manages all contracts and finances.

Jill Fitzpatrick, Real Estate Agent/Acquisitions Manager

Jill is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and is a Century 21 Real Estate Agent licensed in MA, NH & RI. She possesses extensive knowledge of the real estate market, playing a crucial role in identifying properties with significant potential for growth. With a strong background in home improvement and finance, coupled with exceptional communication skills, Jill fulfills all the criteria one would seek in a realtor.

Sara Cohen, Project Manager/Director of Staging

Sara is a graduate of Ithaca College, and worked in marketing, promotions and sales in the cable television and radio industries. She is designing our real estate properties to maximize profits, while managing our staging inventory and equipment. Sara brings various project management skills, along with her landscaping, organizational and design talents, to complement RCG’s strengths.

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Linda Rennell, Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Linda is responsible for the day to day office management duties, coordinating team calendar events and schedules and business development as RCG continues to expand into 2024! Linda owned, managed and operated a very successful business for 30 years and we are very lucky to have her on our Rennell Capital Group Team!

Drew Rennell, Finance Manager Apprentice/Social Media Manager

Drew is responsible for assisting the Principal of RCG with daily finance and social media tasks. His strategic growth strategies and targeted media deliverables allow RCG to be successful.  Drew will be attending The George Washington University School of Business, majoring in Finance with a minor in Real Estate.

Jack Rennell, Property Manager Apprentice

Jack is responsible for aiding the Principal of RCG with the up keep and maintenance of all of RCG’s current and future properties. His calculated skills and mananagement expertise allow all of our RCG properties to be prosperous. Jack will be attending The Catholic University School in Washington D.C., majoring in Nursing. 

Ryan Feudo, General Contractor Apprentice

Ryan collaborates with all of our Team at RCG for construction related activities.  Soon-to-be graduate of Shawsheen Technical High School with a focus on Electrical, Ryan will play a pivital role as RCG expands further into the Real Estate Market. 

Colleen Jackson, Accountant/CPA

Colleen is a graduate of Northeastern University, and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  She procures immense knowledge of strategic initiatives driving business growth. Colleen’s entrepreneurial mindset allows RCG to thrive and she is a true team asset.